Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hai DADDY.. >,< Huaaahh.. Im not in good condition now.. Coz of my sickness.. Hufftt.. Muntah n mencret.. Rasanya berat ku akan turun =.= But keep thx U for the things U've done for my healing ^^ hoho.. Love U so much DADDY ^^

Hm, There's always positive thing in every single event yah.. Coz of this sickness, it 'push' me lil hard to msg him yesterday.. Coz i need to go home early from school.. And i think from that moment, my relationship got lil ok lah.. But still DADDY.. help me to make this boundaries clear.. I dont want get to close again with him.. It's more than enough for me.. Help me ya DAD.. Hmm, from this sickness also.. I know for sure which one is my family.. The one that really take care of me.. Thx DAD for sending them for me ^^ Really touched me.. Hoho..

Ah ya.. I'll celebrate chinese new year in Pku.. My mum n dad place.. Hmm, Hope i can go home on 5 Feb.. Coz i have preach's schedulle that day.. Help me by it Lord.. N need Ur wisdom to prepare the 'easy learn' preaching ^^ Help me DAD.. Hmm, i think i need go to sleep.. Just got lil headache.. Hah??!! I havent read my devotion book.. Sorry DADDY.. I'll read it first then i'll go to sleep ^^
Nite my beloved DADDY.. Love U so much.. :*

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