Friday, January 14, 2011

Need YOU

Hello DAD.. Good nite.. ^^
DAD, i've really keder today.. Ckckck.. Without my class teacher, i must teached my morning students by my self.. And today, they really made my day.. Grrr!! Class's been so crowded n noisy.. Haiissshh.. Not only at school, but at course also, the student've been so ngekiin.. Bzzz.. I need passion, Lord.. @,@

Berasa sangat lelah hari ini, disertai dengan kepala yang cenat-cenut.. Semuanya jadi ga banget.. huuuaaahh!! But i learn to keep thxful.. I know that U always guide my day.. U always beside me ^^ Never leave me alone.. Thx DADDY.. Thx U so much.. :)

Ahh DAD, today i make some jailnism.. I've made lil' J crying.. Hihihi.. Bcoz of the art n craft.. Hmm,, her heart so soft.. N that makes her so easy cry.. Ohh, How cute she is.. Hehe.. Dad i learn something.. From the lil' age, children also can feel the rejection from others, *maybe* in a lil action..

This remind me to few things.. And one of it is bout helper.. A helper must know the right time.. Right time to cheers others up, time for do something etc.. I just asked to my self.. Am i a good helper? Am i the real helper? Just the way U create me, to be a helper.. Did i already fulfill it? Hmm, from some condition, i know n i realize that i'm not.. Still childish, n my ego still on the number one position.. >,< sorry for it DADDY.. I replace U with my ego.. :(

Hmm, teach me for this, Lord.. I cant make it by my self.. I know my border.. N i need U to fixed it or whatever.. Huufftt.. Teach me to think positive.. n More of it, Teach me to love U more n more.. Also love others the way that i love my self.. Teach me to be more like U, DAD.. Love U so much!! Thx U for one day that U already gave me ^^ Thx DADDY.. :*

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