Sunday, April 10, 2011


At last.. I can poured out all what's inside my mind n my feeling.. Hooofffttt.. Legaaaaa.. Haha..

Hmm, thx for hearing.. But still, pls do not tell any promise that ur self even dont know can make it through or not.. Its paintful, while knows that u cant make it..

I know n understand how's u feel.. The only thing that i cant understand is bout ur promise.. So easy u say it, but dont u know? There's time that ur word (promise) will destroy u..

But, yeahh.. I can do nothing for u on this thing.. I only can support u by d possitive words, like the way i do this view days.. I approve it by my msg in the morning..

For now, i only wanna know about how's u feel.. What's u think about.. How's ur point of view about ur leader, ur team, ur life n the other.. If u ask me, why do i care about u this much.. I just can answer i dunno.. The reason for me doing the things i've done : i wanna see the different u, coz i believe that u'll be such a very great man.. N the second, but the important is, i love u..

I dont know what's ur point of view about love.. Is it so negative for u? Hmm, by this i want to show it that its not that negative.. The love is great.. N the love can change u..

Hmm, son.. If u wanna cry.. Just cry out-loud.. Know for sure, there's my shoulder *even too small for ur head.. hehe..* will carry on ur tears.. I just want that u release ur feeling out..

Lega banget hari ini.. setidaknya 2 anakku mulai lebih mengenal satu sama lain.. Dan aku pun lebih mengenal kalian..

This, dedicate to M and Th

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