Saturday, December 15, 2012

So Long

It's been a long time ago, since i've typed my mind.. Missed this time alot..
Manything happen, specially to me.. But very grateful that U never leave me alone, even once.. Thanks, D :-)
For this past few weeks,  i felt really tired.. I try not to complaint to others, but sorry for i bring this to U, D.. >.<
Dunno what should i do again for my churchie ~ im stuck by the condition.. Im stuck by what i feel.. Whooaaa its so so sooo crowded..
I dont wanna be a rebel.. But yet i know, i alr hv become one.. Hmmmmm ~ sorry, D..
What should i do? I dont hv courage to speak-out.. Or maybe i just wanna stay in my comfort zone.. Wew ~ :'(
DAD, just can bring this through prayer. A prayer that hope for the best for d churchie, d people, n all of it..
But first of all.. Help me to guard my heart, D. Teach me to be fauthful just like the way that U're faithful..
Believe that U'll bring the best out.. Above all, i wanna thank U, for keep being faithful while we're faithless.. Thank U, D.. Thank U so much! :*

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